AntiFlip Golf Card Glove


  • The glove itself became a training aid.
  • Anti-flip Golf Card Glove is simple and effective.
  • It helps to keep a flat wrist of the leading hand at impact.
  • Feel confident in approach swing.
  • Earn credit on your shot.

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Try using card gloves for

> Confidence
; On approach swing, didn’t you flip the club before impact when you try to float the ball get high into the air. Have you ever hit the ground or the top of the ball because you were nervous about making a mistake? With just a small mistake, you could hit the ball with the blade of the clubhead and blow the ball to the other side of the green. This is a simple and effective way to reduce mistakes. The card glove supports your lead wrist will give confidence to your approach shot.

> Crisp shot
; Scooping the ball occurs by unhinging the back wrists before impact with the ball is made when you try to help the ball get high into the air. Unhinging the back wrist makes the lead wrist flip and the clubhead faces the sky. Making it a flat left wrist when hitting a golf ball is essential for an accurate shot. For a crisp approach shot, you have to rotate the body without using your wrist. This can only occur when the lag in the clubface is kept and the hands are ahead of the club at impact.

> Consistency
; The most important factor in a golf score is consistency. Exact consistency can only be achieved with a lot of practice. However, it is difficult for amateur golfers who lack practice. Card Gloves help you to send the ball exactly in the direction you want by catching the bending or twisting of the wrist that is the most common cause of mistakes. Experience accurate and solid ball contact by maintaining the steeply descending clubhead angle until the moment of impact. Achieve a good score with consistent swing results.


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