Why AntiFlip Golf Card Glove is developed?

Worries about approach shots can be solved simply with one of card.

Golf is a competition to see who makes fewer mistakes. If you make a mistake, you will get a score called bogie, and if you make a mistake twice, the score is a double bogie. Professional players play games with few mistakes based on a lot of practice. In order not to make mistakes, beginner golfers and amateur golfers get lessons, read books, watch videos, and practice them at the practice range. However, there is a large gap between theory and practice, and it takes too much time and effort to get used to your body. If you can’t stand it, you might think that golf is not fun and doesn’t work for you and even give up. This is why only a few people enjoy golf in the US where there are many golf courses

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I want to show you an easy drill or training aid that you can use to help develop a better impact position

we’ve got here a key card from the last hotel I stayed at.

what we’re going to do with that hotel key card is actually slide it into my glove

so about half of the key card is in my glove and the other half is left remaining above the glove from here

we’re going to take our set up position where the card is actually going to curve to start with

we’re going to move from here to the top of the backswing and produce a key card that’s very flat

at this point in time from here work slowly into the impact position keeping that card in a flat position

and that’s really the whole key to this lead wrist being flat

that lead wrist being flat is going to help ensure that the clubface is square

developing a left wrist that’s flat as you strike the golf ball is vital to hitting crisp iron shots

Experience the change that one card made.

  1. Hands first impact
    • Prevents a scooping ball.
  2. Solid contact
    • Reduces the possibilities of mistakes.
  3. High consistency
    • The most important factor is consistency.