Feel the change wearing the card glove.

You can experience the improvement of wearing card gloves by level.

Level 1: Is it uncomfortable enough to interfere with your swing?

; You must have a card glove. For a correct approach shot, good ball contact can be achieved when the leading wrist is kept straight. Rotate your torso to avoid discomfort with your wrist.

Level 2: Can you feel confident about the approach shot?

; Have you been able to make the good approach shot that was not easy even if you knew it from a theory? When card gloves support your wrist, you will build confidence and enjoy playing golf.

Level 3: Are you expecting a better score as a consistent shot?

Accurate approach shots play an important role in creating good results. Remember and accustom the feeling of practicing wearing card gloves. Feel the enviable gaze of your colleagues looking at the sharp approach shots you made.